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Abstract: ETCO is a fictional, alternate reality where the world around us is our workspace, and the lives we live are the subjects of study. An art initiative formed by the collaboration between storytellers, designers, and technologists in the Seattle area for the purpose of sharing knowledge through art, technology and space.  

March 5th
I*Obsurae will be an interactive electronic textile and installation fashion show.
In this technological era we must share knowledge with all humans about how to fabricate and program.  We must own and share that we have all been deeply woven into the fabrics of technology's rich history of computing in our cultures. Technology does not have to look like the current landscape of Seattle. We can make our own reflection of spaces and tools to make technology for our needs, wants and bodies.
If we made our own technological garments what could they do for ourselves, each other and the health of our planet? How can we use art making and the ritual of sharing knowledge to solve modern-day problems quicker? How can we make space for folks to knowledge share on a wide-range of topics in this ever-growing technological network? 

Previous collaboration between artists involved was Hypnotica in Spring 2019 at Hyena Culture in Pioneer Square. Gabriel Bello Diaz's created Hyena Culture back in 2016 to create space for local artists and small businesses. With the support of Hyena Culture, ETCO was able to have our first electronic fashion show. <3

Currently looking for collaborators. Fashion designers, technologists, movement artists, organizers, facilitators. 

Key dates:

January 19th - ETCO meeting with all collaborators 11am. Meeting place TBD
Week of February 23rd (TBD) - First run through
Week of February 23rd (TBD) Second run through 
March 5th - The show

Collaborators please contact us below.

Thank you!